Functional Modules

  • Sample Development

    Particularly suitable for making complex samples, assisting in the management of the entire template

  • Order Processing

    Provide complete customer purchase history query, avoid duplicate input data, focus on better customer service

  • Production Note

    Record all production steps, including size, style photos, and production orders etc.

  • Capacity Planning

    Help you to maximize your production efficiency with your existing resources to ensure delivery on time

  • Subcontracting

    Effectively manage outward processing, and flexibly support any outward processing requirements

  • Material Requirements Planning

    Understand all the materials required for the order, and reduce wastage as much as possible

  • Material Purchasing

    Manage the entire material procurement process, eliminates inefficiencies, resulting in reduced costs and increased margins.

  • Material Inventory

    Keep tight control of stock to prevent duplicated material purchasing and reduce cost by minimising inventory space

  • Finished Goods

    Effective warehouse management before final product release to shipment

  • Shipping Document

    Arrange shipping document at the highest speed with the least human effort.

  • Packing List

    Rapid processing of freight transportation with overseas factories

  • Budgeting and Cost Control

    Simplify cost calculation, obtain real time data analysis, to quickly make informed business decisions

  • Progress Monitor

    Provide 360 degrees monitoring of all departments, in order to improve order processing and ensure on-time shipment of order.

  • Payment Control

    Effectively control the cost to avoid the risk of over budget, obtain new data in real-time and make order flow more transparent

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