【Important】JOS V4.3.13.16 Release Announcement

Posted 2021-03-12 09:51:30


netGarment JOS is officially released. You can upgrade now. If  you have any problem, please contact us.  The sections below highlight some of the new features:

1、 Functions Improvement

#22956 When export data to excel, also show color description;

#23047 In BOM directory, increase material color & material size display to maximum 30 characters;

#23100 Change then display color when edit records;

#19884 Freeze in material sizes column in Purchasing receiving screen;

#18641 Improve issue document excel import function, allow manufacture column blank;

#18170 In purchasing payment item screen, change display material short name to specification;

#21510 Improve budget sheet response when change screen;

#20465  When lookup price table in budget sheet, can carry material size from price table to budget sheet;

#22727 In Material Requirement Management, separate purchase order and inventory allocation field in exceptional allocation;

#23247 In purchase order --> Quest screen, add manufacture name and special process manufacturer name in download columns;

#23209 In purchase order directory, add 'Actual Arrival Date (ATA)' in download columns;



#23072 In Admindsk --> Sub-contracting order, fix the problem when tick option 'Cannot be copied';

#23254 Fix the sketch problem when open record  in Finished Goods module --> product balance;


3、Reports Improvement

#22921 Sub-contracting order(grid): Add customer style and customer PO Ref;

#22967 Fix the printing problem for purchase order receiving transactions when select paper size 241mm*140mm;

#22878 Add group security checking in standard bpl reports;

#23105 PO Standard(Grid): Fix the error showing wrong job no. in budget checklist;

#20725 Move Note Packing List: add order number and remarks;

#22387 Fix the printing error in STANDARD PAYCONTROL format;

#22288 Shipment invoice STANDARD(Simple) format, add output Payment Term;

#23121 Fix the Finished Goods Receiving-Issuing-Stocking Report printing error;

#23088 Fix the sketch printing problem for STANDARD production note format;

#23234 Fix the printing error in Material Packing List;

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