【Important】JOS V4.3.13.13 Release Announcement

Posted 2020-12-14 18:31:41


netGarment release is officially released. You can upgrade now. If  you have any problem, please contact us.  The sections below highlight some of the new features:



# Add display material sketches on Directory

# Add display analysis columns on Directory


#22123 When create purchase orders using 'Request' function, system will retrieve the corresponding material price from Price Table according to minimum order quantity.

#22316 In sales order record, the size columns width will auto-adjust according to the field length of sizes.

#22315 Improve the speed when open lot number which includes many job allocations. Same improvement when create/open purchase order which includes many job allocations.

#22348 When manually add job allocations in purchase orders, system will filter those covered materials in MRP.

#22485 Allow update purchase orders 'Complete' and 'Cancel' status in batch.


#22242 Sample Order customer style number field cannot set to 'Required'.

#22259 Delivery note no. inputted in purchase order receiving transactions do not match with payment items.

#19390 When Fix Reservation in MRP Exceptional Reservation, cancel the warning message 'Naterial may be over purchased 30 percent .....'

#22341 Sample order production instruction data problem

#22299 ETA Date and Final ETA Date do not update in purchasing 'Request' function

#22292 On MRP directory, add display Fabric, Accessory and Packing Materials Confirmed status.#22434 Error found when create move notes

#22392 Cannot output warehouse name on standard issue note document 

# Allow Report import company address

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