4313.1NEW:Allow confirm BOM materials at the same time when copy sales order

Posted 2019-09-02 17:58:35

For repeating order, the new order BOM materials will be the same as old order. When copy sales order, we can confirm BOM materials at the same time. So there is no need to go to BOM module & confirm materials.

In Sales Order Module, when select ‘Copy From Sales Order’, new option ‘Copy Item Confirm Status’ is added.


New sales order will copy material confirm status from original sales order. If original sales order materials are not yet confirmed, system will not confirm them in new sales order.


Above feature only applied to version JOS V4.3.13.1 or above.

If you cannot find this feature, please check your version first.

To check version number, click Help à About in main control panel.

If you want to upgrade to this version, please contact your Account Manager or send us on-line support call.

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