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“After implementing the iGarmentJOS system, all departments are able to work closely with each other in a well-coordinated manner, linking order information seamlessly''

Established in 1997, Moiselle Group (hereinafter “Moiselle”) is a famous local and international brand providing high-quality women’s clothing that meets the needs of various types of customers. Moiselle is reputable largely for its unique and fashionable designs, quality manufacturing as well as exquisite craftsmanship. Moiselle pays close attention to the quality of fabrics and materials, managing its own business from design, production to sales. It has more than 50 retail stores and counters across Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore. Its retail and online businesses have both been expanding. Going one step further, Moiselle was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in early 2002 (stock code: 0130).

A system to help enterprises build transparency in management

Nowadays, garment industry is no longer considered a traditional industry. More and more garment companies are stepping forward into the path of digital transformation, utilizing technology to improve management efficiency while lowering operation costs. Likewise, Moiselle has put great emphasis on technological investments in recent years, including those required for online business, factories and operations. The objective is to improve business development for elevating enterprise value in the long run. “Moiselle has always placed high importance on investing in management system,” says Tim Lee, Senior Production Manager at Moiselle. “We hoped to have a system that could assist our staff in following up step by step on the entire flow of order fulfillment process, with data exchange on the same platform so that our managerial staff could grasp the time required for each step of the work process more accurately. This is especially important for us who work in fashion industry to help shorten the product life cycle, in order to meet the ever-changing market demands. Besides, we required the system to improve our staff’s efficiency in managing their orders, so that they could focus on higher value-added tasks. In the end we learnt about iGarmentJOS job order system, which could meet the above mentioned requirements, so we decided to make iGarment our supplier of order management system at Moiselle.” Mr. Lee adds, “After implementing the iGarmentJOS system, all departments are able to work closely with each other in a well-coordinated manner, linking order information seamlessly. Department managers can also grasp important information quickly, helping them respond to work changes and make management decisions more efficiently with greater flexibility. Furthermore, the use of management system can prevent the loss of data from staff mobilisation, safeguarding business from being affected.”

Company-wide commitment to using the new system

“Before using the iGarmentJOS job order system, Moiselle had been adopting an old system; however, its functions couldn’t really keep up with the company’s development, so we decided to change to a new system for better managing our business,” says Mr. Lee. To alter work habits of staff is usually much resisted, especially when it comes to using a new system. Mr. Lee shared the experience of how Moiselle overcame the challenge. “The iGarmentJOS system places a relatively strong focus on order follow-up and the upkeep of a smooth and well-coordinated business process flow. At the beginning our staff weren’t quite used to a process flow like this one, which is tightly coordinated. As the old system could only retain data for some of the processes, our staff were accustomed to using individual Excel forms to manage their work, instead of using system. Eventually we received great support from the department managers and the boss. And thanks to the professional implementation service of iGarment team, who always responses quickly to any customer concerns, along with the iGarment training programme, we were able to familiarise ourselves with the system within a short period of time. Therefore, our staff have slowly changed their habits and started to appreciate the benefits from using the iGarmentJOS system. Now they have become very attached to it for managing their work.”

Improved work efficiency across regions with cloud services

Since 2001, iGarment has been utilising cloud services to deliver management systems for garment enterprises. Mr. Lee also gives recognition to the cloud platform. “The use of cloud services is already becoming a general trend. And in terms of the initial input cost, the monthly commitment for the iGarmentJOS system is relatively less costly compared to that of a one-off purchase plan, so it is actually quite appealing for enterprises which have the intention to digitalize their businesses. Furthermore, there are a variety of function modules in the iGarmentJOS system. Based on our business needs, we can utilise more modules gradually, or even utilise all the modules. If we imprudently invested a large amount to purchase a new system, we might end up not being able to acclimate to the new arrangement, resulting in serious loss.” In addition, cloud services can overcome the barriers placed by time and space. Users can look up data anytime and anywhere, which is very suitable for cross-regional enterprises like Moiselle. Mr. Lee further says: “Moiselle’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong with factory in Shenzhen. Many processes require the collaboration of staff from both sides. Via the iGarmentJOS system, fellow workers from the two locations, ranging from the departments of design, merchandising, production, warehouse and so on, can all utilise the platform for data sharing. Not to mention that making data more transparent can also assist managerial staff in their business analysis and decision making. For example, via the system a purchasing manager can obtain data about purchase orders, as well as to do a budget analysis based on order categorization; whereas, a business manager can learn about the order status from the system, tracking whether a delivery will be on time or not. To elaborate more in detail, after the designer in Hong Kong has designed the initial sample and input the information related to the sample order into the system all together, the pattern maker in China can then log into the system to view the information instantly and input the sample cost into the system. Then the merchandisers in Hong Kong can prepare the costing sheet, quotation and sales order. Fellow workers in China can also learn about the order status, based on which they can proceed with material sourcing. Upon arriving, the fabrics and materials will be delivered to the warehouse and the production unit. Subsequently the system will calculate the actual amount of fabrics and materials needed, from which the actual cost can be accurately assessed. This is very helpful for cost control.”

A more transparent and accurate inventory management

Inventory management for fabrics and accessory materials has long been a challenge to many garment enterprises. For Moiselle, the problem was resolved after using the iGarmentJOS job order system. “We had been looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of inventory management,” says Mr. Lee. “After using the iGarmentJOS system, we can track material inventory more quickly and accurately, allowing us to consolidate multiple orders for bulk purchase. As a result, we are able to raise our bargaining power with suppliers and our costs have gone down. In addition, we have also used the WMS warehouse management system. With the feature of barcode scanning, the system enables us to identify the location and quantity of each fabric precisely, helping us match the inventory and the order, as well as avoiding over-buying or missed purchase of materials, improving the efficiency of stock-taking at the same time.”

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