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“Cloud services save enterprises a substantial amount of costs and time because they no longer require to set up servers and databases in every local office. You are only required to log in to the same platform to retrieve all the data, which makes operations as well as management a lot easier. We are very grateful for the customer service team in iGarment, whenever we encounter difficulties in regards to the system, they are very responsive and happy to help. We are very satisfied with their customer-oriented service approach.”

Company overview

Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd. (QVE for short) was established in 1995, headquartered in Taipei city, Taiwan, specialises in processing, manufacturing and trading down garments. For many years, QVE has been producing high-quality down garments for international first-line brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, The North Face, Patagonia, Mont-Bell, Under Armour and so on. They are the world’s second largest down garment manufacturer with seven factories distributed across Vietnam, China, Romania and Jordan. Its global workforce involves approximately 15,000 employees. Through the advantage of the strong set-up of the business along with a sound production line-up, excellent service quality and the staff’s unity and cohesion, they are able to achieve an annual production of more than 10 million pieces as well as a turnover reaching 13.2 billion NT dollars (approx. 430 million US dollars) in 2018.

           QVE started to adopt iGarment Job Order System (iGarment JOS) back in 2007, all the departments and offices of the company have been highly dependent on the system. It allows them to effectively monitor every procedure in an order which improves the efficiency of ordering work and strengthens cost control. This also guarantees the lead time and enhances the competitiveness of the business. With the help of the system, QVE  has gradually become the world’s second largest down garment manufacturer.

1. Persistent Attitude towards "Success in System Implementation"

Enterprise informatization management (EIM) has become the mainstream at present. To enhance the value of an enterprise, a data-oriented management approach must be adopted and one of the ways to achieve that is to incorporate an enterprise operation management system into the company. QVE speculated the trend for management for more than ten years ago and started to search for a reliable management system. Mr. Guohong Zheng, information manager of QVE, discussed how they started incorporating iGarment JOS system into their company. “Our orders come mainly from the leading brands, and entering order information manually was extremely time-consuming and error-prone. We realised iGarment JOS exactly met our needs when we came to know that it was able to import order information from brands in bulk without manual inputting.” It’s not easy for enterprises to set their foot on the way of informationization, we encountered many challenges when we first incorporated the system into our work, especially the staff were not used to working with the system. “Although we were not using functional modules at the beginning, the staff still thought the system complicated the procedure as they were not used to the system and they even rejected using it. However, with the great support from the management team, they gradually saw the benefits of the system and these include high data accuracy, improvement in order efficiency etc. They slowly grew dependence on the system and now they are so used to working with it that they cannot work without it now. Incorporating a system into a company will always be challenging at first, therefore, managers and employees should work collectively towards the goal of "Successfully Incorporating the System" ”. said Manager Zheng.

2. Cloud services help enterprises save a large number of costs

iGarment has been providing cloud service management systems to garment enterprises since 2001. Customers only need to pay monthly to enjoy the system anytime and anywhere without having to build any external servers, databases and hiring IT expertise to maintain the system. The cloud service has been widely recognized by QVE and Manager Zheng also added  “At the beginning, only the employees in the Taiwan headquarter was using the system and now, the employees in China, Vietnam and Jordan branches are all using it. This includes all the departments that involve orders (i.e. trading, procuring, shipping, production management, warehouse management, import and export team, as well as the finance department). Cloud services are highly suitable for cross-regional enterprises like us, and compared to the traditional buyout systems, cloud services can help enterprises to save costs and time, as setting up servers and databases in each office and a central server in the headquarter are no longer required. It only takes the staff to log in to the same platform to retrieve the data, which makes operations as well as management a lot easier.  We are also very grateful for the customer service team in iGarment, whenever we encounter difficulties in regards to the system, we can get in touch with their system online support, they can log in and view the client’s screen immediately to look clearly into the problems. Although sometimes problems may not be solved instantly, they are very fast in responding. We are very satisfied with their customer-oriented service approach.”

3. Automatic import of order information in batch to save time and effort

QVE mainly works with orders from large branded companies such as Adidas, Nike, etc and their order documents are mainly in an EXCEL format. If we need to input all the information from each order manually, it would take too much time. Therefore, QVE was determined to improve the problem of low efficiency and decided to adopt the Partner Enabler Intelligent Data Import Engine. Through this set of tools, the order documents are imported into the system in batch, the system can also comprehensively interpret the text, numbers, tables, pictures etc. in the documents.  “Partner Enabler Intelligent Data Import Engine is highly suitable for enterprises like us, because the amount of data from the order is vast, it would be impossible for merchandisers to input all the data manually in a limited amount of time. These labour-intensive and burdensome tasks can now be replaced by technology. Not only does the system help us to save time, but it also reduces the error rates. Now, the merchandisers cannot work without this amazing assistant at all!” said Manager Zheng

4. Clear progress of production preparation at a glance

Garment enterprises face a variety of challenges, one of them would be the “short lead time” and it has been troubling the management team in the factory and QVE is no exception. “Most of the branded companies ask for a lead time of only 30-90 days, some of them may also even request special requirements for the products and therefore the production schedule is always very tight. In order to meet the customer’s demands, the process throughout the production preparation should be performed thoroughly to minimise errors. Therefore, iGarment JOS is our great assistant, whenever we receive an order from our branded customers, we input the order data into the system, the system automatically calculates the required materials, the procurement staff purchase and collect the materials accordingly and lastly send the materials to the factory. The progress of the entire procedure can be clearly viewed on the system at a glance. Our company's department division of labour is very specific, if a system is not in place, the order information communicated between departments may be omitted, which could severely delay the progress of the entire order. ” said Manager Zheng.

5. The realisation of precision fabric accessory warehouse management

Fabric accessory warehouse management is the priority of every garment enterprise, if it was not managed properly, it could be fatal to the enterprise. QVE has begun to use the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in 2012 to manage high-priced fabrics and down materials. They used to manage two warehouses but now they manage nine.  “At the beginning, we used to create a unique barcode for every single item and it took almost half of a year for warehouse staff to familiarise themselves with the operation of the system. Through using the system, managers are able to precisely track down the location of each material within the warehouse and use it or to reserve it for a specific order. The whole management of the warehouse has become very accurate which could not be achieved without the system, as it would be impossible for the staff to record the location of each material. This is because it would be difficult to record the status of the materials as well as the kinds of materials. Also, the staff are also required to go in and out of the warehouse which is again, time-consuming and error-prone. For example, if the procurement staff falsely believe that a certain material is out of stock and needs to be purchased when in fact, the stock is still sufficient for the order required, this could result in a waste of resources. What is even worse is the opposite, when the staff falsely believe that the warehouse has got enough materials to cope with the demands of the order when in fact, it is far from enough, this would severely affect the lead time as too much time would have been wasted when we find out the problem. With the WMS, not only can it minimise these errors, but it can also accurately and precisely calculate the costs in the warehouse for financial analysis purposes.” said Manager Zheng.  

6. To strengthen cost monitoring

Cost monitoring is one of the key concerns of every business owner in the garment industry. Since QVE  has started using iGarment JOS, they have deeply experienced how the system helps to increase transparency in cost monitoring. ”From the preparation of materials, the system is able to calculate the materials required for each order precisely, then the procurement officers can purchase the quantity accordingly without any waste of resources which effectively saves costs. Apart from the financial costs, time is also another great cost. It would be time-consuming to calculate the demand of materials manually without the help from the system and the calculations are likely to be inaccurate. As a result, it could end up in purchasing too much or not enough amount of materials, resulting in a waste of resources or a delay of the shipment. Not only does the system help us save time and material costs, but it also clearly shows an overview of the cost for each order.” said Manager Zheng.

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