Yorktime International Ltd.

"Out of all the software on the market, we found that iGarment is truly focusing on the garment industry. As the famous saying goes “time is money”, the system helps us to speed up the production process and save costs."

Yorktime was found in Hong Kong 15 years ago, they own a factory in Dongguan, mainly targeting high fashion brands, inlcuding well-known brands such as Paul Smith, DKNY etc.. They introduced iGarment JOS system into their company 10 years ago and have been using it ever since.

A uniform system

Mr. Lai told us about what the working environment was like when they hadn’t introduced the ERP system to the company 10 years ago. “Everyone had their own working style, some liked to jot stuff down on a piece of paper and some liked to input it into excel. It was impossible to unify their working styles. If an employee resigned, it would be difficult for the newcomer to pick up where everything was left off. As a solution, we started to employ an ERP system to centralize all working styles and hoped to improve efficiency after it has been computerized.” Coincides the contact of iGarment, Mr. Lai will continue to opt for our system out of many other systems.

“Out of all the systems on the market, we found that iGarment system is truly focused on the garment industry.” said Mr. Lai as to the reasons for choosing iGarment as opposed to other companies. He also thinks that iGarment focuses on the garment industry, unlike other companies and the after-sale service offered from us suits them and also other SMEs more. Most importantly, the price is reasonable for such high quality job ordering system.  

They had faced some difficulties when they first introduced the system to their employees. For instance some older employees may have limited computer knowledge, therefore, they may feel reluctant to use the system. In view of this, the company offered training programme in order to increase their knowledge of using computer. Finally, employees saw the benefits brought by the system and it has made working easier for them, such as managing, sharing and synchronizing documents. Yorktime’s employees started to recognize the benefit of the system. “You only have to input it once and that’s it, not only that, if one job is done by colleague A, colleague B can see it immediately.” Said Yorktime’s employees

To the Cloud

Mr. Lai told us that he is pleased and the iGarment JOS system lives up to his expectation. Not only that, he is also surprised by the revolutionary change of the Cloud service. He thinks that the biggest change of the software is marked by transforming from Window version to Web version. Starting from 2001, iGarment started to provide service in a Software as a Service (SaaS) form, eliminating any geographic restrictions and the fact that iGarment has gone on Cloud, everyone in the world, no matter where they are can connect and interact with one another. At the time, many factories moved back to China, it brought new business opportunities to the industry, however, created a lot of new problems. “There will be many problems if we don’t use a web-based system and one of them would be having to build our own system. At the time, internet was not fully developed, so the web-based system helped us a lot in moving all the documents and data back in China. Apart from that, the Cloud server enabled us to share the same document among everyone, which helped us greatly. iGarment’s Cloud technology allows both Hong Kong and China offices to access the same document instantly, and also reduces the costs and avoid problems that a company would have to face if they were to set up their own server. “iGarment was the first or second ERP enterprise that sells their service in a web-based form, even if there were other enterprises that offer web-based software service, it wouldn’t be as comprehensive as iGarment. “ said Mr. Lai. He was very confident with the new Cloud technology at the time.

One step combination

Mr. Lai started to recognize that they had to introduce RFID technology four years ago, which would help with their production management. Although they had canceled the plan due to the financial crisis, they went back on track after their recovery. They also introduced the PMS system to assist their production line. Mr. Lai told us that the PMS system perfectly merges with their ERP system, which provides a better support to their production needs. “Our headquarters is based in Hong Kong, therefore, it would be difficult when our chairman or merchandiser want to know about the progress.” said Mr. Lai. They started to concern about the flow of production information; therefore, they introduced the iWorkPMS to help with their production system, so they can view different production data and information instantly to reduce the costs of meeting weekly and so on.

Time is money

Apart from data, iWorkPMS plays an important role in monitoring. Not only does the iWorkPMS help to calculate worker payroll and wages, it also helps to reduce manpower, costs, rework rates and bottleneck.


Yorktime has gone through a hard time, for workers, the change from using work tickets to RFID system, they were worried that the system might miscalculate their wages and couldn't get paid fully. Despite that, iGarment has finally gained the workers’ trust and confidence due to its stability.

Before implementing the iWorkPMS into all production lines, Yorktime tried the system by implementing into one production line and was pleased about the outcome in 2011. Therefore, Yorktime have started implemented the system into all production lines. Mr. Lai told us that the system helps to spot errors and can deploy others to help if errors are detected so the entire production process will not be affected due to a single error.
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