Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd.

"With iWorkPMS, line managers have a holistic view of the daily line performance in real time. When we know exactly how much time is needed in each step of process, we can assign workers to response to the production need."

Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd. (Legend) is a reputable swimwear manufacturing and retail group in Hong Kong, it also has factory in China and Vietnam. Legend employs approximately 4000 people and offers designing, styling, lab testing, and fabric printing services.

Lack of real time data to identify problems in the production process

Legend relied on legacy system to manage its production operation. “We couldn’t grow on the existing platform, it was difficult for us to keep track of the production process and discover operational problems or errors promptly. We were looking for new functionality such as real-time tracking of work in progress and up-to-the-minute reports,” said K.P. Wong.

Meanwhile, Legend still used “paper tickets” to manage their operations. The production capacity and line performance were not visible to management until they received the tickets from workers, scanned and inputted it to the system at the end of the day. It used a lot of time for the accounting staff to calculate the salary of workers due to an excessive workload on data processing.

Legend carried out an evaluation to consider current and future needs. In comparison with functionality, cost and usability with their existing production management system, Legend concluded that the move to RFID technology was much more beneficial. It was not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of the extra features gained from iWorkPMS.

Increase Flexibility in Production Process Flow

With the new system in place, Legend has been able to significantly enhance visibility in the production process. “Without the real time information, line managers can only guess the estimated completion time for each step of work. With iWorkPMS, line managers have a holistic view of the daily line performance in real time. When we know exactly how much time is needed in each step of process, we can assign workers to response to the production need,” says K.P..

With the increasing of frequent and small orders, Legend also adopted iWorkPMS in Sample Room and Printing House to keep track of sample making and fabric printing respectively. They defined a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure their progress. “Now we can analyze all of our KPIs more effectively to better manage their productivity of sample development,” says Mr. Eddie Ng, System Analyst, Legend.

Accurate Payroll calculation by automating processes

Worker payrolls and other benefit calculations are also handled natively by iWorkPMS. “The system immediately reduces administrative time and expenses by eliminating time clocks, paper tickets and manual recording of production information. Workers are no longer to keep the paper ticket in order to entitle over-time allowance. Every work and progress is tracked in iWorkPMS. It greatly improves payroll accuracy and saves on manpower in payroll calculation,” explains Eddie.

Improve business insight and enhance analytics power

Previously, the company had difficulty in getting an overall picture of what was happening in production line. Now, the solution can provide a full set of sophisticated reports such as Re-work cause analysis, efficiency analysis, Worker skill analysis, Learning curve and etc.

“Working with iGarment Support has helped us a smooth database server upgrade. Taking advantage of the structured data of iWorkPMS, up-to-the-minute data reflect in all layers of the solution to enable real-time reporting. “Integration with existing general sewing time system has added additional capabilities to analyze and plan every single operation in the sewing of a garment, thus further improving productivity,” adds Eddie.

About Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd.

Legend Swimwear Group was established in 1995 has 4,000 employees worldwide. We have production plants in China and Vietnam. Our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities operated by our experienced technicians, providing the highest quality in manufacturing excellence. Our annual production capacity is 15 million units of swimwear. To serve our customers' best interests, we also have sales & marketing teams in both Hong Kong & China offices.

We have a worldwide customer base, and requests a different variety of styles and prints. They are high fashion brands, department stores, specialty stores and mail order companies which are including some highly recognizable names.

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