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"iGarment Job Order Management System is the communication bridge between our Hong Kong office and China factory."

In the late 80s, most of the garment manufacturers with production sites in China suffered from coordination problems, resulting in confused communication and delayed production, as for Cactus. Attempts had been made to deal with those problems yet remained unresolved; until they came across with iGarment Job Order Management System, a powerful management solution for the garment industry, it not only solved the communication problem, but also optimized management and production effectiveness.

Synchronized Communication Platform

Without sophisticated communication technology in the early 90s, Cactus’s HK headquarter had to rely on costly long distance calls and faxes to liaise with China factory. Lack of a synchronized communication platform, it was difficult to have an effective channel to maintain high level accuracy of purchasing and production follow up. Cactus had tried different ways in tackling the root problems to enhance the effectiveness in management planning.

Match Your Needs

Internet shapes the world when lots of ERP systems were innovated that made Cactus management aware of using internet and computer systems to ensure effective communication. After conducting extensive research and performance evaluation of various systems in the market, Cactus finally confirmed to use iGarment Job Order Management System in 2001, after undergoing several rounds of internal discussions. The person in charge at Cactus said, “iGarment Job Order Management System was one of the few management systems customizing the specific needs of garment and textile industry; in which, the BOMs generated by the Sample Order module was very useful; and, clear material classification was also remarkable. Ready-to-use and easy-to-learn were also the reasons of choosing the iGarment Job Order Management System.”

Cloud Computing to Remove Communication Barrier

“Cloud Computing” service (SaaS) model also allows iGarment Job Order Management System users from different territories to real-time access the system via internet connection. Cactus management said, “iGarment Cloud Service offers an exclusive feature, data and system are securely operated in iGarment’s servers. Users can access the system via internet to check and update data at real-time, bridging the geographical gap.” Cactus does not need to install software nor employ any system maintenance technician. “System maintenance and its relevant costs would be a huge burden for our cost centre, iGarment takes this responsibility and frees up our resources to develop core business.”

Implementation Backed Up by Profound Service

Cactus subscribed a full set of 9 modules at once. However, to achieve better results, they started with implementing the Sales Order module in Hong Kong first, then rolled out to other areas and to the China factory step by step. Cactus Management recalled, “iGarment team reviewed our needs and made quick and constructive response that greatly helped smooth problems out during the implementation. We all were satisfied with iGarment's service and would like to present our heartfelt thanks to their team.”

Benefits exceed Expectation

At the very beginning, Cactus simply used the iGarment Job Order Management System to improve efficiency in order processing, purchasing and communication. However, the benefits Cactus gets go beyond that, iGarment Job Order Management System also facilitates management to enhance overall management quality. “iGarment Job Order Management System not just satisfies our initial goals, but also offers management a comprehensive overview to improve overall production and management effectiveness, as well as inventory accuracy.” Business is definitely benefited from having more operation transparency.

Systematic Management Draws More Quality Clients

Cactus has experienced tremendous business growth in the decades and succeeds in soliciting many deals from various international renowned brands; where systematic management has made significant contribution on this. Cactus management added, “our clients always request us to submit reports / document as a proof to comply with their stingent requirements. iGarment Job Order Management System enables us to fulfill their needs at ease.”

Join to Create Mutual Benefits

Over the years, Cactus has aggressively expanded clienteles worldwide. Quality and effective management is the key success factor. Users of iGarment Job Order Management System have extended from HK office to China factory. Recently, Cactus has implemented another core product of iGarment – Production Management System, a real-time production management system, to extend systematic management to production lines, to further improve production efficiency.

“You focus on business, we focus on software”. Partnered with iGarment, you can manage your business at finger tips and devote all energy and resources in development without hassle.

About Cactus

Established in 1976, Cactus Garment Co., Ltd. (Cactus) is a leading exporter of high fashion with clienteles of famous brands, designer brands, department stores and fashion chain-stores worldwide. To match with the needs of business development and increasing number of orders, Cactus has set up his own production site at Punyu, with area over 6000 sq meter, housing 14 production lines. Cactus currently has employed over 600 staff, annual production output around 500K pcs.

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