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"netGarment can speed up the order processing 10 times faster than before."

Under the threat of export declination and enforcement of labor act in China, many manufacturers had to develop new revenue streams and cut costs to overcome the challenges. Have you ever thought of implementing systematic management to achieve this, without layoffs and sacrificing quality? Chi Shing succeeded in transforming from traditional practice to systematic management. iGarment Job Order Management System has been providing robust support and walked through the ups and downs of business with Chi Shing for over 20 years.

Determination of Business Modernization

Systematic management is the backbone of business modernization, Chi Shing has demonstrated how to achieve it. Mr. Joseph Leung, the successor of the business, brought innovative ideas and practice of business management after graduation from Australia at the end of 80s. He observed the ineffectiveness and low accuracy of manual operation at that time. He realized that systematic operation flow would definitely solve the problems and would also be the future business trend.

Entering the Age of Revolution

Computerization was the starting point of business modernization in Chi Shing where all fax machines, folders and typewriters were replaced by computers. Chi Shing was one of the pioneers in using emails to communicate with clients. Launching systematic operation and management was the second step. After evaluating different systems, including some renowned international brands, Leung concluded, “per discussion with my friends who were the top management of some software providers, I found that those systems were only suitable for industries with “standard” workflow and could not cater the needs for business with many variables, like the garment industry; moreover, those systems really cost a fortune (> HK$10M)”. In early 90s, Leung came across with iGarment Job Order Management System(DOS version) and identified iGarment Job Order Management System performed faster and more reliable in data synchronization as compared with others; and its features met their needs as well. Chi Shing was happy to continue using iGarment Job Order Management System when it changed to cloud computing service, for its flexible monthly payment and attentive support. Compared with purchasing software, iGarment Job Order Management System was more cost-effective, no hidden cost or burden for system maintenance, no hardware setup and IT professionals needed.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Chi Shing was satisfied and grateful for iGarment’s support during the past 20 years. Leung recalled, “iGarment has been willing to take our comments and suggestions; looks into problems we encountered quickly; improves overall system performance, enables our staff to grasp the skills quickly.”

Efficiency is the King

Efficiency determines the business success and it is what Mr. Leung believes. He said, “the biggest attraction of iGarment Job Order Management System is its efficiency, particularly in terms of document preparation and data query. We used to waste a lot of time on order handling and the job was tedious and error-prone, with iGarment Job Order Management System, we can now issue a job order 10 times faster than before.”

All-rounded, High Quality Care

Order Processing, Material Planning, Purchasing and Inventory, are the modules extensively used by Chi Shing. Leung remarked, “they are four pillars in supporting our business. Sales orders and material information can be securely stored in iGarment servers, accurate and easy to access. Moreover, we can consolidate the material requirements from various orders for collective purchase so as to bargain for the best price.” He also wondered if Chi Shing would be able to deal with large amount of orders without the iGarment Job Order Management System.

Results Exceeded Expectation

Enforcement of Labor Act leads to labor shortage and skyrocketing salaries, together with the rising material costs, all cause great financial burdens on garment manufacturers, as for Chi Shing. iGarment Job Order Management System, on the other hand, helped to save costs by largely reducing human errors. Mr. Leung said, “About 60% of production costs goes to payroll, adding up the material cost inflation, we have no choice but deploying systematic management for cost control. Purchasing module is the most helpful one by giving an overall picture for both planners and operators to follow up, avoiding repeat-purchase and maximizing material utilization.”

Unified Platform, Zero Error

iGarment Job Order Management System is a reliable communication platform for office and production sites. Leung added, “via internet connection, staff from different offices can access the iGarment Job Order Management System cloud application anytime to update and check material details and production status, making the whole operation more transparent, eliminates human errors, results in zero mistake.”

It’s Simply the Best

To conclude the overall experience of using iGarment Job Order Management System for the past 20 years, Mr. Leung commented, “Without the support of iGarment Job Order Management System, I believe we can only handle half or less than half of existing order quantity. We all are satisfied with its functionality and service provided. iGarment Job Order Management System is simply the best among all systems I’ve come across.

Facing the challenges of rising costs and shrinking sales volume, iGarment is your ultimate solution partner to achieve your goals by enhancing effectiveness, reducing costs, standardizing management and drawing profitable customers.

About Chi Shing

Established in 1954, Chi Shing Garment Factory Ltd. is a high-end underwear manufacturer, renowned for its high quality and sophisticated technology. Its own brands, “Faith” and “Sissie”, had been selling in local department stores since early 60s. Currently, Chi Shing mainly exports high quality underwear to the USA, UK, Germany, France and other European countries, with clienteles of famous brands, department stores and fashion chain-stores. With headquarter in Hong Kong and its own production sites at Dongguan and Si Hui, Chi Shing currently employs around 1,100 staffs and obtained the certifications of WRAP, BSCI and ISO: 9001:2008.

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