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"iGarment Job Order Management System is a real time working platform that provides quality and accurate information, leveraging overall working efficiency."

Computerization and systematic management is a necessary step for any sizeable company. Accounting for the largest share of exporting down and feather products in China, Donglong anticipated the trend and employed various management systems to release the heavy workload for both management and workers. iGarment Job Order Management System appeared at just the right time to offer a real time information sharing platform, allowing management to compile various reports at ease, and enhancing worker efficiency.

Entering the Age of Information Management

“EPR system may not be useful for small companies, but once the company has gained size, computerization and systemization is a must.” Ms. Jiang commented. Back to the early 90s, Donglong started to introduce garment management system, however, with its IE interface, both the searchability and connectivity of the software were far from Donglong's requirements. Donglong had to give up and search for alternatives. In the large-scale software selection process, Donglong picked iGarment Job Order Management System for its powerful functional modules and internet-based application. History proves that Donglong has made the right move in choosing iGarment Job Order Management System, which allows Donglong to move forward with the help of information technology.

Simple & Easy to Use

“iGarment's interface resembles Excel which is clear and easy to understand. Data can also be exported to Excel for further processing, this not only is convenient, but also facilitates working efficiency.” Ms. Jiang remarked.

Software should be a tool in helping people, abundant with complicated functionality may make it difficult and burdensome to use. iGarment Job Order Management System, on the contrary, adheres with the aim to provide the most simple and effective solution to help enterprises improving efficiency and competitiveness.

Achieve Trouble-free Material Purchasing

Materials purchasing is a key factor in the whole business operation, as it brings immediate effect on the company’s profit or reputation if anything goes wrong with cost or quality. “The Material Purchasing module of iGarment Job Order Management System helps us to find the most cost-effective suppliers in the shortest possible time” Ms Jiang said. The Purchasing module can summarize and analyze material requirements, evaluate each supplier in terms of delivery, lead-time and price based on their past performance, helps us to prioritize suppliers without difficulty.

Sharing Means Accessible

“The greatest advantage of iGarment Job Order Management System is its powerful search function which saves our valuable time. Our managers no longer need to spend 2-3 days in preparing various reports, clear and detailed reports can be generated with just a few clicks.” Ms Jiang claimed. iGarment Job Order Management System is specially useful for multi-function enterprises dealing with manufacturing, trading and retailing, it allows senior management to have a comprehensive picture of operation status across departments at anytime.

Ms Jiang added, “Order Processing is the most proficient module for us. Management can keep track of the order details for each team, such as person-in-charge, contract, order quantity, quotation and production schedule. Any unusual situation can be fixed in time, greatly enhances the overall management quality.”

Long Term Partnership

Donglong targets to achieve at least 25% annual sales growth and to further expand its local market share in the coming two years. To meet the business objective, Donglong is expected to rely more on iGarment Job Order Management System in providing robust and efficient support to enhance internal management capability and to optimize production efficiency. With the effective application of iGarment Job Order Management System, Donglong's achievement can be expected soon.

In addition to iGarment Job Order Management System, Donglong has successfully deployed iBrand - a brand distribution and retail management system (another core product of iGarment) to enjoy the benefits brought from a truly integrated and highly-automated management system from trading to retailing.

About Shanghai Donglong Feather Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Established in 1992, Donglong is a joint-venture enterprise of Hong Kong and Shanghai, specialized in exporting wide spectrum of garments to Europe, America, Japan, etc. From product development, design, to production and retail, Donglong has the full capability to manufacture various home-use textile and garments. As of the end of 2010, Donglong's annual export exceeded RMB2 billion, is one of the top 500 industrial enterprise in Shanghai. Donglong has also attained ISO9002 certification, they are proud of their systematic and sophisticated quality management system that closely matches with the principle of “Customer comes first, we offer the best”. Donglong has set up several factories located in Anhui, Shangdong, Jiangsu, etc, as well as an advanced R&D centre in Shanghai. Currently Donglong has employed over 10,000 staff across the whole organization.

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