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"iGarment Job Order Management System helps to standardize and optimize workflow, enhance overall competitiveness."

During the 70s-80s, the Hong Kong garment industry was dominated by small firms. However, a lot of them have been eliminated, leaving those with high competitiveness, have developed into sizeable companies, Hale is one of them. Hale has been successfully transformed from a family business into an enterprise of over 2,500 staff. The success is mostly attributed to a reliable and effective management system. Using management system since 1999, iGarment Job Order Management System has become an indispensable tool for Hale’s daily operation, the user base has been expanded from four to almost the entire company.

Meeting Actual Needs

Hale’s original purpose of using software system was to prepare quota and shipping document. Mr. Nick Chan, director of Hale, said, “I believe that systematic management is the key to business success. We were one of the pioneers in using system. However, the initial result was frustrating, as the previous system was too “general” to address industry needs, despite that we paid a lot for customization. Luckily, we learned iGarment Job Order Management System from industry friends later on, found that the system design closely matched with the garment industry operation process. We soon decided to switch to it and has been using it for 11 years now.”

Standardize Workflow, Reduce Errors

Not much companies pay attention towards communication quality, whereas Mr. Chan took an opposite stance, “effective communication helps to enhance the information quality and transparency, thus defines individual responsibility, minimizes the occurrence of communication errors, eventually enhances overall effectiveness. Previously, different departments, even individual staff, had their own report style, disorganized and hard to follow up. iGarment Job Order Management System, however, requires user to input data according to the flow in standardized format, this greatly improves the communication quality. Actually, using system may not necessarily reduce workload, but, by improving information accuracy, it helps to minimize the time and costs incurred to fix the mistakes, this is definitely worthwhile.”

Employee Involvement Speeds Up System Implementation

Poorly trained staff is unlikely to avail the full benefits of a system. Mr. Chan said, "All our new staff must get themselves familiar in using iGarment Job Order Management System, so as to have a whole picture of the company's workflow, to understand their role in the entire flow, thereby increase their sense of responsibility." Presently, almost all employees at Hale are skilled users of iGarment Job Order Management System.

Real-time Data, Flexible yet Practical

iGarment Job Order Management System is an internet-based, integrated yet powerful data collection platform, ensures accurate and instant information, also enables to compile various reports to facilitate internal and external communication. According to Mr. Chan, “staff are required to input and update data which helps in generating reports easily and quickly, and can be used for data-mining.” Chan added, “The system design is very close to our actual operation processes, besides, data can be imported and exported easily, this helps a lot in statistical analysis and workflow optimization."

Transparent Operation Reduces Wastage

In the past, order processing and procurement handling were very messy at Hale due to unclear responsibilities, situations like repeat-purchase, wrong purchase and un-authorized purchase occurred frequently. Without a central data processing system, it was often that no one following up on orders issued. Mr. Chan said, “Situation has been improved significantly with iGarment Job Order Management System. Through the system, all sales & purchase orders are well-organized, the whole process becomes transparent, not only the cost saving far exceeds expectation, but also enhances our competitiveness and profitability.”

No Boundary Communication

Hale, like other garment companies, faced communication problems with its mainland China factories. Most systems in the marketplace are required to be installed on-premise, it could be disastrous in case of technical problems. On the other hand, using cloud computing technology, iGarment Job Order Management System allows users from different locations to access the system simply via internet connection. Mr. Chan greatly appreciated this, “I have to travel a lot. With iGarment Job Order Management System, I can manage business at anytime anywhere via internet access, making good use of my time.”

Around the Clock Technical Support

Hale has used iGarment Job Order Management System since 1999. Over the years, Mr. Chan has been deeply impressed by iGarment’s service, “iGarment’s team always responds to our queries promptly; their FAQ on website is so helpful that we can find out instant solutions by ourselves. iGarment is our reliable and trustworthy business partner.”

Over the past 10+ years, iGarment Job Order Management System has accompanied Hale through its growth and has become a necessary tool for its daily operation. With the times, iGarment has always concerned customer needs, and is committed to develop more advanced functions, allowing customers to experience a genuine “trouble-free” management.

About Hale Group

Hale was founded in 1983 with headquarter in Hong Kong, its own production plants were set up in Shanghai and Dongguan respectively during the 90s, and has a professional design house in UK. Since its set-up, Hale has been expanding rapidly from a family business of around 10 staff to an enterprise with over 2,500 staff now. Hale exports a wide range of garments, including knitted, woven & sweaters, to the US & Europe, major clients are famous fashion labels and department stores.

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